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    CloneApp has built in addition to its backup function another useful feature.

    It allows you also to reset application settings and configurations. This feature has been added with Version 2.07 of CloneApp.

    You can reset an application and force it to reprocess its data from scratch by using the CloneApp's reset function. This can be useful when fixing bugs (program won't start) and to exclude possible error sources of a faulty configuration. But also for development and testig.

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    It is the most wonderful time of the year.

    Wish your friends and family a very Happy & Blessed Advent season.
    Have fun and relaxing hours on the Christmas days. A good start to the new year and good luck and success with your projects!

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    I'm pleased to announce the latest release of CloneApp.

    This release of CloneApp gets a major Update with several new features, such as the ability to Reset application settings and configurations.

    Find the full list of new features below.

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